Non Objective Reality Show

“John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon just wing it on WUSB 90.1 FM back in 2006. Free form radio as it was back in the day when the station was still housed in the Student Union building. I know. You don’t care. Best to just listen then. Note the religious questions popping up toward the end. Food for thought.”

“John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon bring Frank Zappa’s sister, Candy Zappa to the WUSB studios and we talk about our once in a lifetime gig at the 13th Zappanale in Bad Dobern, East Germany. Some Frank Zappa music is played along with a few choice tracks performed by Candy and The Ed Palermo Big Band. This interview was recorded July, 29th, 2002.”

“Nigey Lennon pays her respect to her deceased friend and author David Walley. 08 / 17/2006.”